Wesley Sneijder – Nike Hypervenom 2

This was the production (with Dinamo) and photoshoot of Nike’s Hypervenom 2 – Deceptive by Nature campaign with other football players being photographed at the same time in other cities in time for the launch. We photographed Dutch professional football player Wesley Sneijder at the Istanbul Film Studios in Turkey.

The photoshoot took place in a large film studio so we had a good amount of space for our lighting set-ups. You can see the studio set-up of Arri Fresnel tungsten lamps, polyboards, backdrops, the Profoto Pro-10’s and Profoto softboxes and umbrellas etc. in this creative portfolio link.

There’s also a GoPro time-lapse video where you can see assistants, digi ops, art directors and film crews running around.

The lighting on this shoot is very similar to the Nike Greece kit launch photoshoot and the Michael Essien Boom shoot filmed near the Chelsea training centre in Cobham.


Nike / Freud Communications


Istanbul Film Studios, Turkey