Tom Daley adidas Neo

Photographing British diving double world champion Tom Daley at the recently built London Aquatics centre. Tom was launched as the face of adidas’ new streetwear brand Neo.

The images were published online that week in Hello magazine, OK magazine, Marie Claire, Metro, the Daily Mail and on Tom’s facebook page.

The lighting kit and camera equipment was minimal. We had a small studio set up with the chroma green (colorama) backdrop which we hired from the ProCentre but you can also buy from Wex photographic. I used my Profoto B1 Air TTLs as the portable lighting kit so we could dash off using different backdrops of the aquatics centre to change things up.

It’s a great simple lighting set up, you can literally get in anywhere with it and get punchy clean shots. I used it for the Rugby World front covers and also the London Olympic Training Grounds project as it’s so light and portable. Great for editorial and social media / marketing shoots.