Studio Production


Below is a wide angle shot of an action photoshoot for personal trainer and coach Laurence Oboh. This was taken in a warehouse studio in Fulham, London. On the image you can see the equipment used, reasons for use and the settings.

Laurence Oboh Setting

Here’s a list of the best photography companies I’ve worked with and services I’ve offered on photoshoots.


Studio lighting brands: (Briese, Profoto, Broncolour).
Camera kit (Phase One, Canon Hasselblad).
Equipment rental companies (Haedler & Haedler, PKE Lighting, Pro Centre).
Photography / film studios including Snap Studios (now JJ Media), Plough Studios, Big Sky and The Worx.
Production: Equipment & Studio Hire, Retouch, Hair & Make Up Artists, Model & Athlete Agencies.
Studio Equipment: Perspex, Coloramas, Rubber Matting, Scrim Frames, Super Booms, C-stands, Flags, Polys.
Lighting Equipment: Softboxes, Proglobes, Paras, Pro-bigs, Reflectors, Tungsten, HMI, Radio Slaves, Colour Temp.
Digital Equipment: Tethered Workflow, Mac Book Pro, Capture One Pro, File Transfer, Client Galleries.