The Worx Studio London

We photographed two players at The Worx studios in London and the third in a studio in Thessalonika, Greece. The lighting had to be consistent as the players comped together by the back in London at Paperhat FTP.

The main light is the  Broncolor Para 222  and the side lights are 2 x 2400w flash heads on each side. The side lights are shooting back into a V shape of polyboards to bounce that light back on to the white backdrop. You can see this from the lighting plan.

You need two lights on each side to get a lot of light flooding onto the bacldrop top to bottom – especially for full length player shots. You don’t want the light to be inconsistent from top to bottom.

A good sized studio, that fills up fast with a set-up like this. See below for the list of kit we used.

You can see more of the finished shots on this portfolio page.

Lighting Equipment

Listed in detail below.

Camera Equipment

Hasselblad H4 and Capture One P45 back.

Exposure Times