Michael Essien – Nike Boom

This photoshoot was of Ghanaian professional football player Michael Essien as part of the Nike Boom Campaign. Wearing T90 Strike boots with the Taser ball. Check out Hypebeast’s run down of the campaign.

See Essien at his glorious best in the Unforgettable 30 Goals In Football History.

We hung these huge heavy black drapes around the hotel conference room just off from Chelsea’s training centre to darken it down, as well as using polyboards and flags to control the studio flash lighting. I used 4 x 2400w Profoto generators and 8 x  profoto flash heads with different light shapers (pro big, strip lights) to give us this bold, contrasty lighting.

Check out the interview with me called Lighting Secrets Exposed about the lighting set-up in Professional Photo Magazine.




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