London 2012 Olympic Athletes

A great photoshoot with Olympic athletes Louise Hazel (track and field), indoor and beach volleyball team Zara Dampney & Shauna Mullin and diving silver medalist Pete Waterfield.

Shooting in one of Plough Studio’s car-sized film studio in Clapham, London. Lot’s of space for a full Profoto lighting studio set-up with 4 flash head lights on the back drop and anothe 4 lighting from the front. All on a huge white infinity cove. Great for very clean shots and focusing on the athletes.

There was the usual quick turnaround on the editing and retouching of the images with Paperhat FTP and ad campaigns running in national magazines (Elle, Glamour, Esquire, Cosmopolitan, Company etc).

In the last image below you can see the studio set from the back of the infinity cove. Showing the Elinchrom Octa modified to have a Profoto Flash Head inserted. You can see some more behind the scenes shots and studio set-ups with the Para 222 Broncolor umbrella as main light in the Nike Greece studio set-up page in creative portfolio section.

Black polyboards to soak up the light / create shadow in very white studio. With black cloth nearby to place on floor to soak up even more light. White studio does help bounce more light into face and clothes of athletes. Plough Studios (The Cove), Clapham, London.