Virgin Active Lifestyle

This was a sport and lifestyle photoshoot at the Virgin Active health club in Mill Hill. The location was great for using generic non-branded back grounds to submit to Image Source.

Here the lighting was soft and big. So not the usual contrast and punch for advertising shoots like Sneijder Nike , Istanbul. Softboxes and diffused umbrellas were moved around each different location. Naturally battery monobloc lights (Profoto B1 500, Broncolor Siros 800w, Elinchrom ELC ProHD 500/1000w) help you to move fast around the location. Always using a light meter (sekonic) to measure the daylight and the two flash heads individually and then together.

The Om Magazine photoshoot has similar lighting as this too is for lifestyle and healthy living client. With no dark contrast to the lighting. Clean and light.


Image Source


Virgin Athletic, Mill Hill