Golf Punk Goodwood

Here’s the Golf Punk Goodwood photoshoot at the Goodwood Golf Course on the south coast in West Sussex. My first shoot for Golf Punk. I did a half days recceing the week before. Driving around in my own stylish golf buggy shown here in The Telegraph.

Using fill-in flash again here which allows mixing flash lighting in this case in the foreground, the keep the subject cleanly lit. You can even make the background look a bit moody too. Makes it feel like you’re in a studio environment too sometimes.

As mentioned in the Bunker Babes shoot I used my old Profoto Pro7b battery pack and flash head for this shoot. Heavy to lug around but no need to plug in to the mains with spare battery packs. I used a silver umbrella (similar to the Profoto umbrella) to shape the light instead of a square soft box (can be too soft sometimes – Elinchrom models). For me it has to have a grainy, dappled effect inside to give the light the right amount of punch. I’ll do a youtube video soon on this though here’s a good example on the Fstoppers website.


Golf Punk


Goodwood Golf Course, Chichester, West Sussex