Yassine El Maachi – East London

Agreeing to work with a professional athlete for a documentary project gave me so much access to areas of the boxing world you don’t normally see.

Following the welterweight boxer Yassine “The Showman” El Maachi all over East London showed me all the hard work, training, interviews and camaraderie that goes in to making a real sportsman and getting him at the top of his game.

Documentary style shooting in low-light and on handheld Canon DSLRs (Canon 1ds mk3 and Canon 5d mk2), both 21 megapixels. Occasionally using the compact Canon Speedlite 430 EX II on camera flash when possible or permitted.

Sometimes you’re sitting around for ages waiting for things to get going, and other times everything happens all at once and you just hope you had all your camera settings worked out in time. See the Camera Settings and Equipment – Photography Masterclass tutorial on my youtube channel for tips.

For some more documentary style work see the Surfers Morocco shoot in creative portfolio.




East London