Creating powerful, beautifully-lit images for big brands and small businesses for over 20 years in London, Madrid and Chichester. Working closely with creative teams all over Europe, in Africa and Asia.

From professional athletes and big brands, to grassroots projects and local communities. Communicating visually strong images with compelling, news-worthy stories around healthy living, adventure and an active, sports-based lifestyle.

Working with the best production companies, photo studios, model agencies, design studios, creative freelancers, marketing and PR companies etc.

After finishing a photography & video degree in London I worked in the E6 department at Metro Imaging. I then lived in Madrid for 5 years working as a lighting technician and shoot producer on global advertising campaigns in major cities around Europe with Getty Images and adidas. Setting up in large film studios and famous football stadiums. Whilst cutting my teeth shooting my own front covers and editorial stories for fashion magazines in Madrid and Barcelona. Returning to London in 2006 to focus on strengthening my commercial sports, advertising and lifestyle portfolio and client base.

Clients Include

Duracell, RBS, Cadbury, Nike, Red Bull, Nickelodeon, L’Oreal, Mars, Adidas,Honda, Sky Sports, Gatorade, Dr Martens, Comic Relief, Sightsavers, Gyro, ThomsonReuters, Pretty Green, IMG, Engine Group (Synergy), Brooklyn Bothers, York Fitness,Britain’s Next Top Model, 180 Amsterdam, Toscana, Formidable, Candela. Mixmag,Elle, Men’s Health, Bauer Media (Empire, FHM), 24 Productions, Running Fitness,TI Media (Rugby World), Haymarket Media Group (FourFourTwo), Sport, Golf Punk,The Sun, Aspire Marketing, Archant Life, Bright Publishing, Immediate Media Co.

About my work

I have a strong style of visual communication that has grown with the high demands of working with the biggest and most dedicated creative teams in London and Europe. These high levels of communication enhance perception and connection with the energy in the images. Qualities that are greatly needed and often over looked in the fast-paced consumer world we live in. Helping to maximise impact.

This is also helped by the network of skilled design teams and retouchers I work with in providing a final treatment that is stunning. I’ve also worked with teams on reportage-style stories as well as filming testimonials and documenting large events.

Commissioned work usually falls into the following usage categories.
Above The Line: Advertising, Point Of Sale, International Media, Posters, Press, Packaging, OOH, Ambient.
Below The Line: Brochures, Business Cards, Web Content, Leaflets, Postcards, PR, Editorial, Awards.
Digital: Website, EMC, Advertising, Intranet, Mobile, PR, Editorial, Regional Websites, Social Media, Video, DVD’s.
Territory and Period: Worldwide, Europe, USA, Middle East, Africa, Asia etc. 1 – 10 years.

Terms & Conditions apply.