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Vince Starr Photography is a core creative team with over 20 years experience in the photography industry.
We provide the highest quality lighting equipment set-ups in any city in Europe and beyond.
We create powerful, beautifully-lit global campaigns for world famous photographers, global brands, production companies, full service communications and public relations firms.


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Camera Obscura

The discovery of the ‘camera obscura’ dates back to ancient times. The Chinese, in the V century B.C., were the first to take an interest in the proprieties of light, which they studied by relying of the camera obscura. They were the first to realise that light travels in straight lines. On one of its wall there was a tiny hole, the size of a nail or ‘pinhole’. The light reflected by any object illuminated by light and placed outside the tent right in front of the pinhole, passes through this hole; an image of the object is reproduced on the opposite wall of the tent.