Finding yourself drawn to a certain story or activity is great fun to pursue creatively and build some imagery around it.

Over the years I’ve explored cliff and beach landscapes, abandoned warehouses in Spain, East London table tennis tournaments, derelict mental asylums as well as trying to record time and movement in exciting ways.

Recently I’ve been interested in vegan athletes and how performance and health can be increased by eating a plant based diet. Awareness of plant based products is growing more and more all the time. Which is also great as it creates a sense of looking after your body and the planet.

See Creative section of Portfolio too for some more special effects style lighting.

Vegan Athletes

Shot in my local fruit and veg shop around the corner. The idea of professional athletes consuming fresh, plant based products grown from the earth and gaining increased performance really inspires me. This is James the local lad working there who agreed to step in for this test shot.

One Light Source

It’s great fun getting immersed in lot’s of different lighting set-ups, effects and ideas for a shoot. For this though I wanted to use a big, single light source on a white background and still get some strong campaign-quality images.

I set up in a sports hall round the corner from me in Camden. Invited loads of athletes, persoanl trainers and friends etc. (anyone into sport). With the help of W Model Management I was shooting non stop for three days.

Then on set this then developed into aiming for a very, well defined shadow behind the athlete as well as a striking action pose. If the shadow looked bad, we ditched the shot and tried something else.

This is Lennie Charles. Sprinter, London. For more images from this shoot, lighting plan, kit list etc – please ask).

Gary Harvey – 125 Magazine

I’d worked with Garh Harvey on my first big advertising job for adidas (thanks Jon Deacon and ClaireParnell!!) me as photographer and he as art director and stylist. I’ve always loved fashion and wanted try a bit of a sports fashion studio shoot and submit it to 125 magazine.

We retouched-in the motion blur effect in post to add more colour to the shots.

Explosive Dust Shoot

This was a while ago now and tonnes of fun. I wanted to get an in-camera (not retouched) explosive effect and thought dust would be a great way to achieve it.

So suspending a stocking filled with flour or throwing tennis ball covered in flour and hitting it (tennis) or kicking it (football) in a park in the middle of Camden.

After a days shooting the ground looked like a bakery explosion. I hired a crash mat too to get some horizontal flying football kicks in there.

Taylor Wessing Portrait Competition

I’ve never won a photography award. I know it’s a great idea and good exposure, and my old flat mate Sam Christmas was really good at keeping on top of them. So I created a project with the amazing stylist Crystal McClory and managed to invite Louise Hazel the GB Heptathlete down to shoot in a studio in Richmond.

We managed to get a good team together with all of our contacts. I even managed to test run the (then) new Hasselblad HD4 digital stills camera and film the shoot for their promotional material.

In this shot Louise is in a Lucas Hugh top and leggings and On Cloudsurfer shoes with Swarovski Crystallized – loose crystal elements on floor and Angel’s black cat ears and eye mask.

Hair & Make-Up Alicia Poxrucker
. Fashion Assistant Harriet Flynn. 
Photography Assistant Ash Martin

Many thanks to: Hasselblad – Nicky West at Pro Centre, 
Canbury Studio, Jack Eames Photography, 
M Print – portfolio and exhibition printers.

Rapha Nocturne East London.

This wasn’t really a project, but I love riding around London to meetings and on days out. One of the quickest ways to get around. A bit dangerous but amazing to see the whole of the city this. This was at one of the Rapha Nocturne events over the streets of East London with its unique day-night festival of cycling.

I was hanging over a railing with a 35mm lens and panning right to left as the cyclists sped by. Loads of fun. A blurry high energy shot. I like the no entry sign on the right repeating with the moving camera.

Starr Studios

And lastly – Starr Studios. Not really a specific photo project but I came back from hanging out with a great mate of mine (photographer and producer) Tim Hawkings in New York and seeing his studio. I was blown away by how obvious it was that I should have my own studio and shoot place.

I hunted everywhere and it looked like Manor House and Hackney Wick were the only decent places where I could get a decent space. I loved every minute of it. It was tonnes of work to keep it running and busy. I hired it out to anyone and everyone.I met a tonnes of amazing people that I still work with and hang out with today (Jack Eames, Lucy Challenger, Leo Saunders).