Production & Behind the Scenes

Vince studied A-Level and a Diploma in Photography at Northbrook College. Also a BA Hons Degree in Photography Film and Video (Digital Arts) at the University of Westminster.

Laurence Oboh Setting

Motion Blur Tungsten (Continuous), Flash Lighting and Multiple Exposure (Broncolor Scoro S 3200J flash pack) Lighting Techniques.

One to one tutorial about how to change Aperture (F-stops), Shutter Speeds and ISO (film speed) to increase brightness, or motion blur or freezing images.
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Photo Professional Magazine – Lighting Secrets Exposed
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Previous Workshops – Photographer’s Assistant, Professional Portrait & Studio Lighting, Editorial Workshop – shooting on location with mixed lighting, Front Covers.
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Nike Greece National Team photoshoot, Lighting Plan, Equipment List.
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Vince Starr and Crystal McClory Fashion shoot with GB Heptathlete Louise Hazel.

Behind the Scenes Video (above) of the Catwoman and Hasselblad TV photoshoot. Using the New School (Hasselblad H5D-40) vs Old School (Mamiya RZ67 Pro2 film and polaroid backs).

Using studio flash lighting on location with natural light tutorial.

08 Nike Essien Flash Duration V2

Flash duration times of different lighting equipment. Fastest packs used to freeze motion. Mentioned in the podcast below.

Photography Lighting Techniques podcast talking about the Michael Essien images shot as part of Nike Boom Campaign.


Studio set-up and layout on Nike Hypervenon 2 photoshoot. Wesley Shneijder (Galatasaray S.K.). Istanbul, Turkey.
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Behind the scenes video and photography of the Andrés Iniesta puppet for Nike Commercial. See more.


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One Flash Light – Action Photoshoot podcast gives a quick run through of how these images were taken;
One flash head.
Freezing the action and avoiding camera blur.
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Freerotation (annual electronic music party) Portrait Workshops. Haye On Wye, Wales.

Behind the Scenes of the Yoga and Lifestyle Photoshoot for Om Magazine.

Student Portrat Photography & Studio Lighting Workshop - Balham, London

Photography student’s cameras on mixed lighting editorial workshop. Working with daylight and flash lighting. Also (below) learning about colour temperature (kelvin) settings. Warming up or cooling down an image and noticing how temperautes change at different times of the day and whether cloudy or sunny etc.

FOCAL LENGTHS Lighting-Plan-A-2016-7

Focal Length for different cameras (Canon, Nikon, Hasselblad, Mamiya, Sinar etc.) So when you like one lens on one camera and want to keep the same standard, zoom or wide angle feel you can find the lens to do the same thing.


Lighting Plan A 2016 1double

Lighting Plan – Adidas shoot. For more info or explanation – please ask.


Union Direct photoshoot with GB Olympic Athletes view of set-up from back of set. Profoto Pro Big 8 foot Silver. No diffuser. Black polyboards to soak up the light / create shadow in very white studio. Could even do with bit black cloth on floor to soak up even more light. Although white floor does help bounce more light into face and clothes of athletes. Plough Studios (The Cove), Clapham, London.